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Douche fast! Nah...

The Myth of Vinegar Douching for Contraception: Unveiling the Truth

For centuries, myths and misconceptions have surrounded the topic of contraception. One such enduring myth is that women can avoid pregnancy by douching with vinegar after intercourse. This idea has its roots in a much older time when people had a limited understanding of fertility, reproduction, and contraception.

Not pure because of infection? What!

Vaginal Infections: Myths and Facts about Sexual Purity

It's a daunting task to dismantle the deeply entrenched myths around vaginal infections that contribute to stigma and misunderstanding. One common myth is that vaginal infections are a sign of sexual impurity, i.e., frequent sexual activity or promiscuity.

Vaginal tightening with laser?

Vaginal Tightening Via Laser Treatments: Fact or Myth?

In recent years, non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures have seen a surge in popularity. These treatments promise benefits such as vaginal tightening, enhanced sexual satisfaction, and a remedy for problems like urinary incontinence. Laser treatments have emerged as one of the preferred options, using concentrated light energy to stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate tissue. However, despite the buzz, there is ongoing debate about the effectiveness and safety of these treatments.



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