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We have three subscription options to subscribe to the Vagina Institute and grant you full access to the entire site. Subscriptions starting as low as $12.5/month

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Subscribers get to enjoy all the content of the Vagina Institute. You also get to enjoy upcoming articles and updated statistics.

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You can choose one of various payment periods to access the Vagina Institute and enjoy substancial discounts for long term memberships.

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Subscribers get access to the latest articles, research and news. Full access 24/7, enjoy the world's most unique magazine.

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Enjoy piece of mind when subscribing, it's all handled by professional and well established financial companies.

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Enjoy a worldclass magazine with photo rich content that is visually stunning and delivers a new perspective on sex & sexuality.

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Become a subscriber today and unlock a world of knowledge! Gain access to our exclusive articles, packed with insights and expert opinions. Join us now for an unrivaled reading experience.

A Journey of Collaboration and Team Work

Meet some of our talented team of writers and collaborators, you can start enjoying the Vagina Institute and explore human sex and sexuality in a different and unique manner with an edge.

"Hi, I'm Lexi, a passionate writer and dedicated story researcher. My focus? Exploring the intricacies of female sexuality, unearthing the narratives that empower and celebrate women's desires. Join me on this enlightening journey."

Lexi K., - Writer & Editor

"Hey there, I'm Stephanie, a writer with a knack for statistics. As I dive into the world of data, I breathe life into stories, infusing them with compelling insights and numerical narratives. Join me on this thrilling adventure of words and numbers."

Stephanie L., - Writer & Contributor

"Hello, I'm Pauline, a writer who combines a passion for words with expertise in fitness and beauty. Through my writing, I empower others to embrace a healthy lifestyle while enhancing their natural beauty. Join me on this transformative journey of wellness and self-care."

Pauline G., - Writer & Contributor

"Hi there! I'm Dwight, I have a passion for working in the world of women's magazines. Behind the scenes, I ensure the digital infrastructure runs smoothly, allowing captivating content and empowering stories to reach readers."

Dwight S., - Systems & Writer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions you may have about our subscriptions and accessing the Vagina Institute website.

How much does it cost?

The Vagina Institute offers various subscription options and deep discounts for long-term subscribers. Once you join, you won't want to cancel.

  • Weekly Subscription $8/Week
  • Monthly Subscription $25/Month
  • Semiannual Subscription $80 (as low as $13.3/mo)
What payment methods do you have to subscribe?

To subscribe to the Vagina Institute, we have a few payment methods available for you to use.

1. Verotel Pay.
You may subscribe through the Verotel Pay payment processor, they are a safe and secure way to purchase your subscription. They can bill your credit card, debit, and other payment methods. Account activation is instant and you will be able to log in right away. Your bank statement will appear as "Verotel" for your privacy.

2. CCBill Pay.
You can also subscribe through CCBill Pay payment processor. You can pay by credit cards and debit or bank deposit. Account activation is instant and you will have access to the website right away. They are safe and secure and your bank statement will appear as "CCbill" for your privacy".

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely! We believe in giving you the freedom to cancel your subscription whenever you wish. It's hassle-free and as easy as a few clicks. No long-term commitment, cancel at your convenience while still enjoying access for the full paid period. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Is it safe to subscribe?

Rest assured, the Vagina Institute has a proven track record spanning years, and we entrust all our billing to reputable and established financial companies. Your transactions are processed securely through methods and encryption designed to safeguard your financial information.

We proudly partner with Verotel and CCbill, industry leaders with years of experience in processing subscription tickets. Their secure billing practices ensure your peace of mind throughout the payment process.

Will I be embarrassed if I subscribe?

Absolutely not, when you subscribe to the Vagina Institute, your privacy remains protected. The descriptor on your bank statement will not disclose that you have subscribed to the Vagina Institute, nothing to be embarresed about. You can rest assured that you will be able to enjoy the Vagina Institute magazine freely without any worries.

Need additional help subscribing?

Are you having trouble subscribing to the Vagina Institute? Let us know and we can help you with the purchase of your subscription.

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